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Lead Integrated Business Services – cyber security & IT consultancy service that started with a clear motto of giving optimal service and satisfaction to its clients.
LIBS values its operation around an efficient business environment to foster a positive framework for its customers seeking our hand in their work. We are one of the Specialized Cyber security solutions delivering currently in the market and our vision is to be a forerunner in the domain in near future.
Cyber security has become a major domain for the organization to handle and keep track of it on a day-to-day base.
We deliver our clients with the best cyber security solutions most convenient way to cater to these needs in the technical domain seeking continuous and absolute dedication.
We understand the 21st Century's hardships in cyber security and work towards it through a flexible path to learn and adapt to sustain.
We offer a high set-up command center to our clients most possible and effective way.

Command Center

We’re not just protecting users,customers. We’re protecting your business as well.

Our cyber security services offer tremendous monetary and nonmonetary value within your organization.Minimally, an improvement in your security posture keeps confidential,classified, and proprietary business materials out of the hands of competitors. Beyond this, the right cyber security policies and protocols boost employee productivity by minimizing computer system downtime while optimizing your website’s uptime. As you shield computers and hardware from malware, you’re also improving equipment longevity and postponing replacement cost. And as you elevate consumer confidence, you’re better able to attract and retain new business.

Advantages Of Command Center At Institutions.

LEAD provides one of the most advanced and professional Cyber Security Services.

Security Command Centers are becoming more important in today’s digital age. As we begin to store more information on the internet,the threat of hacking looms over us. However, physical threats and dangers still remain as well, such as burglaries, attackers, and more.

A security command center gives many industries the leg-up on potential emergencies and provides easier access to resolve them.


Benefits of a Security Command Center

Command Centers have equipment that allows people to monitor multiple situations at one time. Not only do these systems make threats known, but it is a great way to locate important assets and have a stronger, more organized infrastructure.

With multiple displays, ergonomic desks, and other key features of command centers, potential incidents will never go unnoticed by your team.

Improves Awareness


Being able to access important data always allows those working in command centers to be ready. Although any business can benefit from a command center, high-intensity industries such as engineering, security, nuclear, refinery, and energy can utilize this aspect during everyday operations.

Easy readability can help businesses in these high-risk times to act fast when crisis strikes and solve problems in a far better manner because more information is available to them in a shorter period of time.

Increases Preparedness


A security command center often deals with life-threatening situations, which means workers need to say on top of the situation and have all the information they need to make important decisions. A security command center allows you to stay proactive and spread alerts and information to keep people safe in any type of scenario, including attacks, and severe weather.

With the proper command center equipment, your team will have no trouble finding a solution in emergency situations.

Keeps People Proactive


There are many things worth protecting and having a team of people dedicated to this task can prove to be very beneficial. Work is difficult as is, and it is far better when you do not have to worry about the potential threats that could affect your industry.

Having a team of experts strengthens protection; these teams typically include:Manager Incident Responder Forensic Investigator Compliance Auditor Cybersecurity Analyst Supports Alarm Abilities

Enhances Security




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